Respectful and suitable Funeral Pipe Music

Beautiful Pipe Music

The Skye Piper takes pride in providing a personal professional service, working closely with your Funeral Director and family to fulfil your wishes in creating a service most suited to your loved one. The Skye Piper library offers a wide range of traditional and modern tunes, from the well known laments to nice Gaelic Airs. You are very welcome to contact me or your funeral director to discuss arrangements for a suitable service for your loved one.


The Skye Piper playing at a funeral on the Isle of Skye

Format for a Funeral is as follows.

1. The Skye Piper can play leading the cortege to the graveside and as the mourners gather round with some slow airs /Gaelic airs.

2. The Skye Piper can play during the laying of the coffin or after the benediction. A lament can be played such as the Flowers of the Forest or if there is a tune that is requested by the family this can also be done.

3. Finally if requested when the mourners are leaving the graveside The Skye Piper can play some marches and airs.